Innlegg fra en frilanser: No income and no perspective of work

My name is Wiktor, I’m a 28 year old immigrant from Poland and I’ve worked as a scene technician for about a year. Before the outbreak I was mostly freelancing, which for me was the only way to get work as a stagehand or rigger.

25.03.2020 av Wiktor Nowanski
Sist oppdatert: 26.03.2020

All the jobs I perform are basically event services and now it’s clear that there will be no events for months after the corona outbreak. For now I’m left with no income at all and no perspective of work. There was not much shifts available last months, and from March until this is over I am living only from my savings. I’m really worried about surviving.

Wiktor Nowánski, freelance stage technician. (Foto: Privat)

Without a job, I can't stay in Oslo

When I contacted NAV and applied for economic social help they suggested to first empty my bank account and sell my car. Of course, that would be the worst thing to do, so I had to borrow some money from my family. Without a job, I can’t stay in Oslo for long. I am ready to move to the north of Norway together with my girlfriend, and live with her family until the situation will get better. I am also quarantined so all the errands must be handled by my flatmates. There is not much delivery serviceses available, so often people have to ask others to do shopping on facebook groups. The social aspect of life got difficult so we mostly meet friends at home.

No idea how our future will look like

After the virus outbreak all the events until late summer were instantly cancelled, so many of my friends moved out of Oslo just before the lockdown. The crisis really made people worried about their future. We have no idea how our future will look like or how long this lockdown can last. Some of my coworkers are looking for other jobs in the future, some of them moved home to their families. Many of my immigrant friends just left Norway. Those who stayed are really struggling now, especially with families. Most of the freelancers I know were living more or less paycheck to paycheck, especially in the low season. Normally the summer was the busiest time in the year if comes about work, but now it doesn’t look promising at all. So we all have to think positive and look for temporary solutions.